Wonder-Girls Circumnavigate Mount Rainier on the Wonderland Trail Video

here is the video i took of the girls adventure running around mount rainier in 2.5 days. 94 miles with 20,000 ft of gain.

a bit of history on this route. my buddy, mtb pioneer, patagonia ambassador, bad ass and all around nice guy, john stamstad was the first to run the wonderland trail for speed in one shot. in 2003 he ran the trail non stop in a time of 24hr 01min. he drove the route and dropped supplies for himself first, then ran it. he basically set the standard for speed attempts on the trail. kyle skaggs of hardrock course record fame then ran it supported in 20:52 – stout!

i love peter bakwin’s site fastest known times. it’s fun to read through the fkt’s and imagine the incredible effort and fun i’d have attempting some of these. here is what the page on the wonderland trail says. “The Wonderland Trail has not seen a huge amount of speed record activity. In 2003 mountain biking legend John Stamstad ran the trail self-supported in 24:01. His trip was reported in the May 2004 issue of UltraRunning Magazine. Kyle Skaggs beat that time on Sept. 23-24, 2006, 20:53.”