Win A Free Pair of Montrails – Climb The Guru List Contest


well here is your chance. enter the “climb the guru list” contest. has a rating system for all it’s users. if you’ve ever bought anything there then you have a user account. the more products you review on the website, the more questions you answer and the more your reviews get helpful thumbs up, the higher you climb on the leaderboard of gurus.

so the contest is simple. in 1 week, 7 whole days who can climb the highest on the leaderboard. the easiest way to do this is review your favorite shoes, backpacks, jackets, skis, etc. the winner gets a certificate that you simple mail in for any pair of montrail shoes!

some rules:

  • you must post a comment here with your entire profile url
    mine is –

    ** this is my indication you are in!
    ** the deadline is friday nov 21st at midnight (tomorrow night at midnight)

  • you must be a new user – this contest is from scratch (next weeks will be for current users, which everyone who entered and did not win this week will be for eligible for (and you’ll have a head start too).