Ty’s Seattle Dirt Trail Tour

the last few days have been pretty sweet… patagonia and nuun ultrarunner ty draney flew into seattle for a whirl wind tour of our trails. living in wyoming ty hasn’t seen dirt for a long time. here in the pacnw we’ve had some great crazy storms and some low freezing levels that have left our winter trails pretty covered. so i wasn’t so sure i would be able to come through. but with ty’s arrival came some warmer temps and we got some good multiday training on actual dirt.

thursday: 12.47 miles total – 8 miles at cougar mtn, spin class, 4.7 mile night run at discovery park

friday: 20 miles total – 10 miles at bridle trails, lunch at microsoft with matthew, hike up poo poo with cory and a 10 mile run down the poo poo and high school trail and back. darn near hypothermic by the end. very blustery day as you can tell from the video!

saturday: 32 miles in one shot with 6,000 feet of climbing! what a great day. ty and i joined justin angle, scott jurek, jeff philips and tom ederer for about 22 miles from cougar mtn to squak and back with a little bushwhack.. then ty and i banged out another 10 more on our own. we followed that up with dinner with my good friends the copsons in issaquah. amazing way to finish a great day. thanks copsons!