The Arrival – Montrail Streaks

today, my destiny has arrived at my doorstep. behold the montrail streak! this super light weight trail shoe will aid in my transformation from “adventure racer who likes massive climbs, bushwhacking and hardrocks” to a “100 mile speedster” (is that even possible?). oh this is going to be fun!

ok so you are asking “can he really be that excited about a new trail shoe?”. the answer is “abso-f’in-lutely”. i have a long history of shoe fetish. i blame this on nike.. and michael jordan. as a kid their marketing efforts really made me feel like i had to have the latest jordan. the placebo affect or not, but i felt like a better basketball player when i had them on (the same feeling i got during the first runs in the streaks)! for me it all started with the first air jordan. i still love this shoe and if i hadn’t signed a contract with montrail you might see me running trail in it!