Thank You!

before i can even consider a race report i have to thank the awesome friends that made my first 100 mile ultramarathon possible.

dreamchaser events: lisa smith-batchen, jay batchen and zach barnett- thank you! from the moment i arrived i felt as though i was part of the family. their kindness and generosity this weekend has been endless.. i’ve been truly blown away, and they have made this whole experience one i will cherish and never forget. you guys are awesome!

jay, me and lisa after my finish in 20:53! good enough for 2nd place

my crew: matthew noell and ty draney were both crew and pacers. they worked as a well oiled machine to get me in and out of the aid stations most often without even stopping. have a look at my times actually in the aid stations.. perfect. i really can’t thank them enough for the effort. being that they are busy family men i’d like to thank their wives for letting them play in the woods with me!