Teton Circumnavigation For Speed July 29 2008

two days ago i finally got trevor, melissa and evans to hammer out my teton circumnavigation route (see previous post). this was my scouting run. then i figured i’d have to set the precedent and and stir the pot a bit. i’m hesitant to call it a record. first because it doesn’t sound like anyone else has ever done it for speed. and second because it sounds arogant and i don’t think it’s a super fast time. =) but it will have to do.

so just two days after i did the run around the tetons for the first time i went at it again.. solo.. for speed. non stop watch. self supported. no drops. i started at 6:52am and finished at 1:21pm. total time was 6hrs 29mins. i can certainly run faster. and the snow still in alaska basin made the travel very slow (i fell in up to my waist once too!).

the start location

the start with my watch reading :04 seconds (get going already!)

hurricane pass in 1hr 58min 04secs

although you can’t see the terrain this is buck pass in 2hrs 47 min 59secs

i keep running the stats in my mind. 34 miles with 8,200 feet of gain. and i just can’t come to terms with my time of 6hrs 29mins. i’ve won 50kms with 6-7,000ft of gain in like 4hrs. what makes the tetons so hard and slow? well for one it was the snow and running at elevation for me. but i’m not entirely sure.

now somebody go beat 6hrs 29 mins and make me have another go at it!