Teton Circumnavigation Attempt Saturday

down from static

i was stoked to get this message yesterday:
I first have to thank you for all of the info and inspiration that you provide through your blog. I guess you could say that I have been web stalking you for awhile. I am emailing you primarily to tell you that Evan Honeyfield, from Idaho Falls, and myself, from Pocatello, are going to have a stab at your record around the tetons. I am not really sure how the process of fastest known time really works but from what I could find out it seems like the most important part is to formally announce to the record holder your intent. We are planning on starting at the Lupine Meadows parking lot, at around 8 on sat. morning.
Thanks for throwing out the challenge,
Luke Nelson

apparently when the local paper publishes something like this, people get fired up! i think this is cool, and it’s exactly what i envisioned would happen. i hope they pull it off. september is probably the best month to go for this record. cooler temps but most importantly they won’t be falling into snow up to their waists. and will likely have no snow to contend with, which should make it a faster route.

i wish you guys luck – run your guts out!

ps: guys if you pull it off i’d love to post a first hand report from you on my blog.