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My Outside Magazine Piece on HRV

Heart Rate Variability is being touted as the next best thing in a world of stimulants and overtrained athletes. After using it for more than a year on my own, I pitched a story to Outside magazine. It was green-lighted for the September, 2015 issue. After a pleasant edit or two, however, it was shelved (the inner workings of a major magazine’s editorial process are mysterious). Thankfully, it just hit the newsstands in their April, 2016 issue. I also wrote the sidebar on “Things Athletes Should Know About Their Hearts,” page 70. Go check it out and let me know what you think.

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My Outside Piece on Karl Egloff

Egloff Outside BlogAbout a month ago Outside magazine asked me to write a profile on high altitude mountain guide Karl Egloff. He had officially hit the tipping point—breaking two of Kilian Jornet’s speed records will do that—and someone needed to write a definitive profile on him. I was on a PR trip in Montana so I asked when they needed it. The response was “As soon as possible.” Of course.

Being in different time zones made this tough, but Egloff was gracious with his time. We had a great conversation, and he seems to be a smart and humble guy. Here is the resulting piece. As with most articles I write I wish I could change a few things, but it ended up being one of the top articles traffic-wise on Outside the week it went live. I attribute that to the dearth of information that was out there and Outside’s authoritative status rather than my wordsmithing—but I’ll take it!