Static Divide Run Grand Teton National Park

sunday (6/18/07), the day after the big horn 50k/50m/100m sean meissner and i loaded up my van and headed southwest. we drove through the yellowstone and stopped at old faithful. that was cool. although it would have been great to have run a long one in yellowstone park we needed a rest day after our races, so we drove most of the day. through yellowstone and to the john d. rockefeller memorial parkway, which is located between the south end of yellowstone and the north end of the grand teton national park. we camped in an awesome spot by the snake river last night.

we awoke at 8am after a well needed long nights rest and headed south to grand teton national park. it’s just two days after i ran 32.4 miles as hard as i could and sean ran 50 miles as hard as he could. but we had to run. we were in the grand teton national park! sean used to live here, he is like having my own teton tour guide.

he took me on one of his favorites. we started our day running up the death canyon trail and were going to do a 25 mile loop that took us over static peak and back via death canyon. after climbing up and over static peak divide we started to loose the trail under the snow. it was amazing terrain, i took tons of video and pictures because the tetons just blow my mind. i have been entertaining thoughts of moving to jackson.

back to the run… once over static divide we tried in vain to follow the trail but were unable. with so much snow it was taking a lot longer than we planned and we made a good decision to turn around and make it an out and back. we got in 19 miles with 6,000ft of gain in 5:46. it was a great run, amazingly beatiful and we both ran the best we could with what we had.

yesterday i couldn’t really put pressure on my right heal it was blistered so bad from the race. not only could i not run on it but i could barely walk on it. today it was feeling 100 times better. the 6,000 feet of up and down had me worried i would loose the skin too early and have an open wound. i ran the downhills with an exaggerated forefoot strike and that helped. our feet were soaked by the end from postholing so that didn’t help. i am hopeful every day it will continue to have marked improvement.

my tour guide sean had nachos on the brain and assured me that these nachos would be the best i’d ever had. we headed straight for the signal lake lodge and chowed down. he was right – now we sleep. the plan tomorrow… a super sweet 10 mile trail loop run, then i’m going to bust the bike out and ride from jackson to the top of teton pass and back!