Speedgoat 50km 2012 Photos

My buddy Karl Meltzer puts on one hell of a race. This year he managed to get this 12,000+ foot of gain, 50km race added to the SkyRunning series and he upped the cash prizes to $10,000. This brought in a few of the fastest mountain runners in the world to charge up and down the slopes of Snowbird. After volunteering this morning I was free to roam. Brett Gosney and I ran around the course taking pictures and video… enjoy.

What everyone is racing for – the 2012 Speedgoat Awards (the Cankle Awards)

Fellow Montrail Runner Max King – Bend, OR (In 3rd on this climb, in 3rd at the finish)
Anton Kripicka – Boulder, CO (he finished 4th)
Anna Frost – New Zealand (1st Woman)
Two of my favorites Montrail Athlete Gary Robbins –  Vacncouver, BC (dropped) & Eric Storheim – Salt Lake, UT (20th)
Jason Loutitt – Squamish, BC (9th)
Emily Sullivan – Salt Lake, UT (4th woman)
Sean Miessner – Durango, CO (22nd)