Sparker Circuit – Quick Workout

i’m once again back to posting quick workouts. i’ve simply been lacking fitness models lately. i’m going to start employing my coaching clients, but for this one i make an appearance.

my buddy kurt parker was stoked on my Cory’s 600s the Hard Way workout and would frequently update me with his time for the workout. he also said he got the whole university of washington physical therapy department doing the workout as well…  and apparently they are all waiting for a new workout post.  so i made this for him, named it after him and let him chose the song… metalica’s seek and destroy. he’s a metal head from maine after all.

my workout consisted of 3 rounds or sets of this circuit.  i suggest you start with one set until you get the movements down.  for full credit, time yourself doing 5 rounds with not rest in between.  focus on perfect form.

5 rounds of 20 reps:
20 Single Leg Burpees (10 each side) or as in the video 10 single leg, 10 regular – next round switch legs

20 StickUps
20 Side Plank Dips
20 Reverse Leg Ups
20 each side Spidey Planks (40 total)
20 Reverse Crunch

20 each side Cross Body Mtn Climbers (40 total)