Ski Mountaineering Blogs and Being a Loser

the snow is about to fly. if you ski, and by that i mean you earn your turns the way god intended then you have to follow these two blogs.
  • andew mcclean – my buddy cory likes to call this guy the “best skier in the world”. he’s a fellow mountain hardwear athlete. he skis the sickest lines in the sickest place. and he just gave away a free pair of k2 skis on his blog – many reasons to follow along.

  • steve romeo – jackson hole ski mountaineer. top rando racer who really gets after it.. always good stuff.

get your stoke on….

am i the biggest loser?
so i’m watching “the biggest loser” which i heard from a friend was good. well it’s not, sorry copson. but i am taken by how good and low cal the meals appear on the show. to help those of us at home they also push these recipies online. i think “very cool” and grab the computer. in reading the thai salmon sate recipe i’m wondering how this is the advertised “250 calories” that is claims on the tv show. i then notice the fine print. the astericks at the bottom of the page says..
“*On-air, The Biggest Loser contestants made substitutions to some key ingredients in the recipes to limit the number of calories.

what?! then what is the point of showing us these recipes if they aren’t what the contestants are using! man, rocho i’m disappointed, and shame on you nbc.