sharing time

this is the video they showed us the day before primal quest 2006 started. it got me pumped! now it brings back painful memories. interestingly enough i climbed mt daniels with the male adveture racer shown throughout this video aaron matzke last weekend.

primal quest 2006 opening video
  • outside magazine article about the first primal quest expedition adventure race in 2003. i’ve had a very similar experience to the one described in this article where they were almost killed by a falling boulder (raid the north 2005)… adv racing has provided some truly amazing moments in my life, as well as some of the scariest.
  • Trade Secrets of the Kenyans
    *start slow finish fast – negative splits in training
    *vary very much – i bring this one up often with coaching clients. let the hard days be hard, and the easy days be easy. don’t blur the line.
    *tread softly – run more trail! yes yes yes!
    *hit the hills – yes again!
  • Leipheimer remains optimistic – levi is getting on my nerves. i wish team discovery would focus on getting hincapie the gc win.
  • rvg’s blog on this weekend’s race and climb