Running Mount Timpanogos Emerald Lake Loop

yesterday i asked mandy for a “high altitude run”. the night before she provided me with a highlighted topographic map and driving directions to Mount Timpanogos. it was an easy 1hr drive from SLC to the timpanokee trailhead. this run is an amazing 15 mile loop with a bit of off trail glissading to connect the ridge back to the trail. it might just be the best 15 mile loop i’ve ever run. the trailhead is at 7,300ft and the summit is a whopping 11,749ft and entire route is pretty much runnable vert. my buddy karl meltzer told me the day before he made the summit once 1hr 18min 49sec and the roundtrip record is held by his doggie binger at 1:58.58. i’m out of shape so i got up there in 2hr 06min. i love running at altitude, even if it looks more like hiking at altitude. i just threw the video together so you can get an idea of what blew my mind.

thank you mandy.