Running Lambs Canyon to Alta

my first real run since the transrockies was a boozy. i am trying to run the entire wasatch 100 course before it’s consumed by snow. yesterday i had marit drop me at the lamb’s canyon section off i80 on her way to work. i had an amazing 27 mile run to alta in t-shirt and shorts. rather than heading up to sunset pass i exited the course instead coming down catherine’s pass to it’s trailhead in little cottonwood canyon/alta ski resort.

photos taken with iphone

the trail up lamb’s pass starts 1 mile down the road

on the way up lamb’s

desolation lake (you might remember this lake from my ride this weekend)

great western trail – how sweet it is

lake martha

on the way up catherine pass

albion basin on the way down catherine pass trail

the nuun van was a welcome site (devil’s castle 10,920 in background)

i ran in the Montrail Hardrock. my neuroma appreciates the protection plate.