Quick Workout – Go For 100

so easy and so quick.

nope this time i don’t mean 100 miles. what i mean is a workout where you do body weight exercises for 100 reps as fast as you can. this workout is simple, fast and can be done anywhere. it also gives you a time to try and beat after just your first time.

start the watch and do 100 of each of these. generally you pick a number you think you can do and run through all the exercise once, then repeat until you hit 100 for each one. i’m going to start with 25 reps which will take me through it four times.
  • pushups (from knees if necessary)
  • situps
  • squats
  • arm haulers (video – however i try to lift the thighs up too)

** remember this is for time! but don’t sacrifice your form… and post your time and your comments!