Quick Workout – Barbara Variation

Share your knowledge freely as it has little value if hoarded.

in an effort to pass along more training ideas to the masses.. i’m going to start posting some workouts on the blog that i like and that i prescribe to my coaching clients.

i truly believe as athletes we need to do what you suck at. i suck at high intensity anaerobic efforts. these type of workouts is one way i get them in and i’ve got some bike intervals planned for later today too.

i just did this workout on the deck, in the sun, with my flip flops on (after some french press coffee of course). it’s a slight variation of the crossfit ‘barbara’ workout. i didn’t have a pullup bar, but i think the arm haulers are a great substitute. i love these short (about 20 mins) and intense workouts! my super busy clients love (and hate) them too.

as you can see there is no equipement needed. i call these “prison cell” workouts, because you could do them even if you were locked up.

Five rounds, each for time of: (for time but don’t rush)

20 Pushups (start w/knees pushups if necessary – perfect form please)
30 Arm Haulers (video – however i try to lift the thighs up too)
40 Sit-ups (tighten lower abs and pause slightly at top to squeeze!)
50 Squats (thigh parallel to ground)

Rest precisely three minutes between each round – or jump rope for 3 min (not suggested in flip flops).