Pine Mountain Run (25 Miles East of Bend)

yesterday i proved to myself that i can’t just go and go and go, and run and run and run. i ran 25 on saturday, 7 with some vert on sunday. monday i started in salt lake city, flew to seattle, packed my van frantically, then drove the 6+hrs to bend/sisters, oregon to train with meissner. we got about 5 hrs of sleep then tried to run 38 miles. yeah it didn’t work out so well. i managed 21 good slow miles w/4,600 feet of gain in some cold and super windy conditions. meissner managed to get 30 while i slept like a dead person in the car.

today rod bien and i joined meissner on his recon mission for a 17 mile race he has planned 25 miles east of bend at pine mountain. some sweet views!