One word describes my motivation right now…

I’m trying to train smart and gain some final improvements as the 24 Hour Solo Mtn Bike World Championship approaches. It’s just under 4 weeks away now, in Conyers, Georgia! I’m racing in the Professional category this year (last year I got 3rd in age group) and I don’t want to be completely embarrassed ya know?

Fear of embarrassment is a great motivator.

After taking Wed the 6th off to make sure I completely recovered from the 74 mile run last weekend – I’ve started out this last phase of training pretty well:

: 40 road miles at heart rate level II
Fri: 87 road miles at hr level II
Sat: 20 road miles; morning intervals, afternoon hills, pre-dinner hills
Sun: 64 road miles at hr level II (great ride w/my buddy Cory Fraser –pictured)
Mon: 17 road miles easy

Why all the focus on hr level II? Well that is where my heart rate should be for the 24 hours I race in Georgia. This seems insanely low I know but this is endurance racing!

What is exciting is I’ve been feeling great during my training sessions (and hungry all the time). After each workout I am recovering extremely well too, with no muscle soreness or stiffness the next morning. I just get up and I’m ready to go again, feelin’ groovey. I bet it’s the recoverite from Hammer Nutrition.