One More Thing..

.. before i get cut i figured i’d post an update on what is exactly up. i haven’t been blogging lately for two reasons. first i now twitter, which is micro-blogging. so i simply don’t feel the need to post as often. i figure if i post on big topics and adventures that is sufficient. but it’s mostly because i’ve been battling with this foot injury, so there haven’t been any adventures. it became obvious after an epic 13hr backcountry ski tour in the enchantments that i needed to make a tough decision. i finished that tour in a great deal of pain. something drastic needed to be done. so i took 7 weeks completely off. 5 of those weeks were in an air cast.

now i’ll try to make this quick. i haven’t raced or trained since after the transrockies race, august 2008. i’ve been suffering from what intelligent people think is a neuroma, which is an inflamed nerve between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal. i’ve tried metatarsal pads, new shoes, no shoes, cortisone injections, alcohol injections, acupuncture, physical therapy, no running (then no cycling or skiing), complete rest, orthotics and finally a boot. bone scans, mris and xrays didn’t show anything. sometimes neuroma’s don’t show up in mri’s, so after the conservative route dr. neal roberts is “confident” he can fix me… with a knife. so tomorrow at 9:15am he will cut the top of my foot open and try to find a neuroma to excise. he’ll literally cut the end of nerve and take it out. then he’ll tuck the nerve into the muscle so it doesn’t regenerate. if there is no neuroma he will “release the transverse metatarsal ligament”.

for the following two days i’ll be on my back at the fraser’s house on mass quantities of drugs. i can’t thank them enough for taking care of me. after two weeks of crutches, i’ll be able to start walking around normally again, although likely with a new boot on. this is perfect timing as i’m headed to tahoe for the western states 100 miler exactly 2 weeks post surgery. i’ll be there to take some promotional video for my sponsor montrail. after 3 months i should be able to start running again. that puts me out until thurs september 10th… but it’s progress, something i haven’t had in 10 months.

i will admit to being injury prone at this point. why is that? no idea.. maybe it’s poor genetics, poor biomechanics, or both of those coupled with overtraining on rugged terrain. who knows?

either way i can’t even tell you how much i appreciate everyone that has sent me a message or information on treatments and drs. most amazing to me are the “i hope you get better soon” notes from those that don’t even know me. unfortunately, or fortunately i’ve seen some friends just disappear because i’m haven’t been able to “get after it” with them. true friends are there whether you can hammer out 100 miles or not even run a step – i hope they know how much they mean to me.

i’ll be twittering updates through the whole process tomorrow.. while i’m conscious of course.