Never Fly Delta Airlines!

the beauty of the blog means i can rant about the injustice that happens to the little guy that would normally just go unheard. as i’m sure you are aware, the airline industry is an absolute mess.

i was supposed to be home in seattle right now. instead i’m sitting in a stinky, loud and dirty howard johnson express in atlanta. how did this happen?

my trip home was from portland to atlanta, atlanta to seattle. my first flight was late “due to air traffic control issues”. delta refused to put me on another flight so i waited. as i boarded a flight that was bound to leave 3hrs late i said to the delta representative “my connecting flight to seattle is on time to leave at 8pm”. she said “great!”. i said “no, not great, i won’t make it”. they knew i wouldn’t make it but they put me on the flight anyway. by the time i arrived in atlanta 50 minutes after my flight to seattle left they changed the story to “weather in atlanta” as the cause of the delays (the weather was clear and beautiful by the way). but this new excuse meant that when i missed my flight, they were not responsible for compensating me for their massive mistakes. i paid for my own hotel, and i fly out tomorrow morning. being a day late means i also miss work tomorrow. i have a coaching client session and spin class i had to cancel.

thanks for nothing delta airlines.