My Summer “A” Race (Round Three) – Big Horn 100 Miler

ok it’s done! after much much hemming and hawing i decided to run the big horn 100 miler on june 20! last year this was going to be my first 100 miler. however after a high speed bike crash and subsiquent injury i ended up just running the 50km. the race director at the finishline said to me “great job winning the freshman race!”. ouch. so there is some redemption coming my way on this one. also the course and terrain are just awesome and so beautiful. the course climbs a good 18,000 feet but the terrain itself makes this one slower than you would expect… with no one breaking 20hrs yet. karl meltzer set the course record last year at 20:12:58 ~ an amazing effort no doubt. there is also some serious competition racing this year, namely jeff browning who has won the race twice (his 2006 race report), and ty draney who has taken second twice – they both run for patagonia. ty won the big horn 50 miler last year as well. hopefully i can give these guys a run for the money… it was $195 afterall to sign up! **updated – jamie gifford and john hemsky will also be there vying for the “w”. sweet.

i’m hoping my ace crew man matthew noell can join me for this effort. now who can i get to pace me!? justin? rod? meissner? roch? karl?

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing” – H. Keller