Mt Hood PCT 50 Miler Prep

my next race is a 50 mile ultramarathon – olga varlamova’s mt hood pct 50 miler. she’s told me a couple of times now “you’ve got a course record to beat 🙂 “. talk about pressure -the course record is 6:45! that is an 8:05/min mile for 50! below are the last 5 years winning times.

2006 Andre’ Michaud 7:55
2005 Michael Wedemeyer 6:58
2004 John Ticer 6:45** course record, 8:05/min mile pace for 50 miles w/5,300ft of gain
2003 Craig Thornley 7:36
2002 Steve Smucker 7:16

the race starts at the clackamas lake ranger station, located next to timothy lake, and south of mt hood in oregon. the course is an out and back on the pacific crest trail. the course climbs 5,300 feet as you run up to timberline lodge on mt hood at 6,054 ft.

elevation profile to the half way point at timberline lodge

apparently john ticer ran a 3:30 to the 1/2 way point at timberline lodge, and a 3:15 on the way back. i am just going to run my best race and hopefully that will result in finishing in the top 3. we’ll see how my training pays off. i would have liked to have gotten one more big day of 40+ miles in before hand, but climbing mt daniel sounded too fun to pass up.

i watched both the pre movies recently. i think this quote works for me on many levels. i am not the fastest, that is made apparent to me every time i train with some of my elite level friends. so it’s always a guts race for me and i’m going to let this quote run through my head in oregon…

A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts” – Steve Prefontaine