Montrail Odyssey Trail Shoe Review

being a montrail ambassador means i’m constantly being asked about montrail shoes. i would say the shoe i suggest the most is the montrail odyssey. this is because the montrail odyssey is the most versitile trail running shoe on the market today. even the most hardened trail runner is forced to run road on ocassion. the montrail odyssey was designed as a light weight trail shoe that is just as comfortable on the road as on the trail. matter of fact… this is my road shoe. it’s also my favorite light weight trail shoe (just 12oz). i even race ultras up to 50 miles in this shoe because it’s light weight, stable and has a great cushioned sole for my achey knees. is it tough? i wore a pair of montrial odysseys on a circumnavigation of the sisters mountains in oregon. 45 miles and 10,000 feet of gain with a summit of the south sister and a 3,000 foot decent on a lava rock and scree… and i’m still running in them. on those hot days you’ll appreciate the upper being made of very breathable mesh and on the wet days you will appreciate the gryptonite treads. the only complaint i have is that the tongue on the odyssey doesn’t have a loop for the laces to keep it in place. this is not usually an issue, but after hours and hours of running sometimes it falls to the side more than i would like it to.

** the first production run of the odyssey had a defect where the lugs on the sole would fall off fairly easily because they were individual pieces. the latest versions have fixed that by making the lugs all attached to one piece.

the montrail odyssey in action! – olympic national park

outside magazine’s take on the montrail odyssey