Matt’s Wicked Smoothie

i’ve explained this smoothie so many times to friends that i figure i may as well just post a blog on it. it’s not hard or complicated, but if you’ve never done it – this might help.


first and only principle in my smoothie doctrine; never let fruit go bad! that is the best part about letting the smoothie into your life. if you live by the rules, you will never waste fruit again. wash it, cut it into small (like an inch or smaller) bits and then stick it in the freezer before it’s too late. if you can’t eat it before it starts to go bad, then use it in a smoothie.

the basics:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup of frozen berries (frozen is key to consistency)
  • 1 scoop whey or hemp protein
    whey is great if you can tolerate it. both whey and hemp are complete proteins (meaning they contain all the branch chain amino acids to build muscle) but whey has proved to be the best as far as bcaa profile and muscle building. whey is milk based however, so if you are lactose intolerant than i’d go with hemp. if you go with whey make sure it’s mostly isolate, if concentrate is listed before isolate on the ingredients list it’s not top quality. i’d say there are far more low quality whey protein powders out there than there are good quality versions.. so pay attention!
  • goji berry green tea u (i’m a non dairy guy so i don’t use milk or yogurt. instead i find u works just as good to liquidify my smoothie a bit. just add and blend until it’s as liquid as you want. i’ll sometimes use almond or soy milk as well, but i prefer to use u – it adds great tastes and more vitamins)
  • amazing grass chocolate superfood (or wheat grass – but not too much! the smoothie is about the taste)

put the banana in first, then add frozen fruit, then the whey protein. this eases the blender into blending things. starting with hard frozen fruit can jam it straight away, and you don’t want that. because of the frozen ingredients i often have to stick a spoon in there and loosen it up, but i also like my end result to be pretty thick. just make sure the blender is off. it makes a massive mess and is dangerous to stick a spoon in there while the blender blades are flying.. or so i’ve heard. as you can see below any fruit will work, really the more the merrier. i’ve even put a tomato in there before (lycopene!).

i go in phases where i start each and every morning with a smoothie and some french press coffee. i like the contrasting flavors. the fruit in this smoothie pack a great antioxidant punch. i generally tend to taper down my carbs as the day goes on. so starting with a meal that has 50 grams helps me get up and train.

today’s smoothie included the following additions, kiwi, orange, pear and apple. i froze the left over from each fruit for tomorrows smoothie.