Laird Hamilton’s Force of Nature

i just read laird hamilton’s force of nature. i think laird is an amazing athlete and i was hoping the book would be a treasure trove of great health, nutrition and athletic training info. for me, it wasn’t. i will say it would take a lot to impress me at this point since i read a lot of these types of books. force of nature is definitely a good, well written and pretty book. there are tons of pictures of laird’s abs, and they are very nice abs. for me the book lacked any sort of ground breaking info. however i think it would be a good read for anyone not already in the health biz, or anyone intrigued by laird in general. the latter is the main reason i kept reading it even though there was nothing new in it for me. so it was an entertaining read none the less.

foods laird doesn’t eat:

  1. Bread
  2. Pizza
  3. Soda
  4. Cheese

laird don’t eat dairy – he has a section where he talks about dairy and how pasteurized foods are stripped of their nutrients. when i eat i try to eat close to the source, whole natural and unprocessed foods. dairy products are heavily processed. laird suggests only eating unpasteurized or raw. i’ve never tried it but i’ll do anything once.

i couldn’t be a bigger proponent of the non dairy lifestyle. i happen to be lactose intolerant. actually, everyone is lactose intolerant, just to varying degrees. we are the only species that drinks another species milk. for some dairy works. i would say most people could reap some benefits from limiting their intake of pasteurized dairy products.

try this: don’t eat dairy for one week and see how you feel. for me it was an earth moving discovery. dairy and the inflammation caused by it was completely connected to my allergies and my asthma. once i gave it up my allergies and my asthma improved greatly. now when i cheat i actually start to wheeze… and yes i cheat on occasion. although if i have a race coming up i’m adamant about not eating dairy for at least that entire week prior. it has paid huge dividends for me… try it and let me know what you think. actually don’t bother commenting to the blog with your own pro-dairy comments until you have actually taken a week off and have some perspective.