iPhone Pictures

i now own and am addicted to my iPhone. it makes life easier. it’s pretty crazy how many light years ahead this phone is to any other phone. lots of my friends work at microsoft. they keep you in a cocoon at microsoft surounding you with inferious windows powered phones and products. each one of them has been blown away by the functionality of my iPhone.

the 2 megapixel digi cam built in is quite nice.. if only because it’s always in my pocket, at the ready. here are some of my latest favs.

transrockies trash


a ride in slc

at the park with frank

classic slc

franks life vest


jenny and noah (who is almost always smiling)

lil’ colin running

puyallup fair is interesting

5:30am workout with cory fraser – it’s dark still

cats puke

the family copson

my downhill from crystal mountain