I Made It

well i’ve arrived. what seemed so far away earlier this season is finally just two days away. yesterday morning i started my drive from seattle to alta, wy.. home of my first 100 mile ultramarathon race course at grand targhee ski resort. i took my time, taking naps when i got tired and simply marveling in the scenery of idaho and montana – so beautiful.

today i met up with race director and fellow montrail-nathan teammate lisa smith-batchen and colleen wood from her crew. nuun is supplying some pretty cool prizes – the male and female winners of the 100 mile race get nuun free for a year! that is sweet. nuun will also be available on the course in your standard 5 gallon jugs so you can refill on the go.

the terrain here is amazing. i ran the first section of the course today, 5.6 miles. it’s a 2.8 mile and 1,840 foot ascent to the top of freds mtn at 10,000 feet… then back down the same dirt road to start/finish area. i could feel the altitude while i was running/hiking (it’s steep!), but i feel pretty good. pacing jamie proved my knees are feeling good, but my sports hernia is not. it didn’t hurt on the short run today but kind of did after. we’ll see – part of this is in my mind i’m sure. every big race (for me) i do i go into with certain doubts and concerns – this one is no different.

oh yeah you can follow the race live here!! we start saturday morning at 6am!