Hot and Excited

this is why i’m excited ~ because 2008 is going to be HUGE (and i rarely bother with capitol letters)

  • 3 Days of Syllamo – my first race of the season march 14, 15, 16. it’s a 3 day staged ultra in the ozark mountains.
    day 1 – 50 km
    day 2 – 50 miles
    day 3 – 25 km

    this one seemed like a dream a few months ago when ultrarunner and bad ass ty draney asked me to race with him. ty paced me at my first 100 miler, the grand teton 100 in september. we became fast friends on the trail. some things worked out and i just booked my flight march 13 to rock little rock! ty and i will run each day together as a team, no further than 100 feet apart. i wonder if we can use tow ropes adventure racing style?

  • hardrock 100 entry is in the mail. enough said on that one.
  • appalachian trail record – fellow new hampshire native karl meltzer is going to try and break the 47 days, 13 hours, 31 minute record from maine to georgia (2175 miles). i will be running the 281 miles of rough appalachian trail that runs through maine with karl starting around august 5th. that means 47 miles a day for 6 days. karl said “you’ll get to run home to new hampshire with me!”. sweet… this will be an unreal experience.

this is why, this is why, this is why i’m hot ~ quite possibly the worst rap lyrics ever written

because of my new montrail highlanders – tell me these aren’t hot?! this is my ’08 race shoe.