Hernia Recovery

hernia is a dirty word. i have a slight feeling of shame when i admit i just had a surgery on my double inguinal hernias. i think this is because most people believe this to be a condition associated with overweight people. as this post shows (thanks sean) it’s very common in runners.

i’m now 11 days off of my double hernia laproscopic surgery. they made a few small incisions, blew my stomach up with carbon dioxide and slid a camera on a stick in there to check things out. my dr then stapled a mesh patch over each of my holes. from the operative report: “A 3×6 sheet of ultra Pro mesh was then tacked to Cooper’s ligament, the underside of the tranversalis fascia and the symphysis pubis. No tacks were placed lateral to the epigastric vessels or the iliacs. Laterally, the mesh was interspersed between the peritoneum and the pelvic sidewall without any clips. This laid down nicely. It covered the possible location of the femoral hernia as well as an indirect and direct hernia nicely.”

so how do i feel? after a week i was a bit disapointed that my stomach still hurt as much as it did. i’ve had lots of friends and elite runners tell me they had the same surgery (well 1 hernia, not 2) and that they were running rather quickly after it.. one said 4 days, another 9 days after surgery. i am still not sure i could run if i wanted to. i have very localized pain, especially on the left side. a life without activity is tough for me. my life literally revolves around it. i taught a track workout on wed and had to just stand there, in the rain. ugh. i called the dr last week and asked if i could ride my bike “super easy”. the nurses response was “absolutely not! not until you see the dr.”

well i am just back from seeing the dr today. everything looks good and i have the green light to ride super easy on a stationary bike. i’m going to give that a try tonight. on saturday, which is 2 weeks post-op, i can start to do normal training and ramping up my efforts… albeit extremely slowly