Headlamps for Trail Runners

I often get asked about what headlamp I prefer for trail running at night.  Last week alone I was asked twice via twitter what headlamps I use.  I’ve answered this in detail in TrailRunner Magazine as well (which I’ll post at some later date).

My Favorite Headlamp For Everyday Use:

Black Diamond Sprinter.
  Lightweight, simple and provides a good light to run by.  Most importantly for weekly pre-dawn group runs and/or daily use.. it’s rechargeable!
Light Type :  DoublePower LED
Lumens :  68
Max Distances :  50 m
Max Burn Time :  64 H
Weight Without Batteries :  100g / 3.5 oz

My Favorite Headlamp For Racing

Petzl Myo XP.  I won’t trust a rechargeable battery during a race. This light also lasts 108hrs, has 3 levels of brightness and is super reliable.

Light Type :  Super Bright LED
Lumens :  150
Max Distances :   97 m (boost mode)
Max Burn Time :  108 H
Weight With Batteries :  176g / 6.2 oz

My Favorite Headlamp For Pacing

Petzl Ultra. This light is expensive, but it’s amazingly powerful.  I won’t race with this light because it’s simply too heavy.  However for pacing it’s only equivalent would be driving a car with the high beams on behind your runner.

Light Type :  New Generation Power LED
Lumens :  350
Max Distances :   59 m
Max Burn Time :  High 2hrs, Low 25hr
Weight With Batteries :  350g / 12.34oz

My Favorite Headlamp For Emergencies

Petzl e+LITE Emergency Headlamp. I have on many ocassions found myself out much later than I planned with no torch.  This can be dangerous, but mostly it’s frustrating to move so slowly through the bush or down the trail when you know with even a little bit of light you could be cruising home to that hot shower, hot food, or hot girlfriend.  I’ve more than once said to myself “the e+LITE is one ounce, just f’ing take it every time you head out.” 

Light Type :  LED
Lumens : 16
Max Distances :   19 m
Max Burn Time :  45hrs
Weight With Batteries :  28g / .987oz