Got a Sweet Photo? Win Some Free Montrails & a Beanie

i’ll trade you a pair of montrail sandals and a beanie for a photo.

i’m doing a trail running and ultrarunning presentation on saturday. i was going to email all my friends and ask for some new photos to ‘freshen up’ the presentation that i presented last year at the portland store. instead .. i’m having a CONTEST! whoever sends me the best trail running photo (in my opinion) gets a coupon card for a free pair of montrail flip flops (i literally live in the molokai) and this sweet nepal beanie. let’s recap…

What You Win:

How To Enter:
– email me your wicked awesome trail running photo- Matt AT
small print: deadline for entrants is thursday night (12.11.08) at midnight. even if you don’t win, if your photo is truly sweet it might still make the presentation.