Disaster Strikes

When you live in your car, you are very dependent on that car running.

So when that car breaks down on you it gets scary. Yesterday I quit skiing early just to get the slow leak tire fixed. After buying the new headlight, and getting the tire fixed the Eurovan just died. I thought I stalled it but after trying to jump it I realized it was something way worse… and as always it was going to be very expensive – turns out about $400. The worst part is everything I own is in the van, which is now at the garage until at earliest Monday. I packed a bag and grabbed my skis for the next few days not sure where I would stay or what I would do. Luckily I had met a dude named Dave earlier that day. He’s working at the mountain and lives in a condo in Teton Village (5 minute walk to the lifts). After a short conversation with him about how cold out it was and how I live in my van, he offered me a floor space in the condo for $10/night. So I knocked on the door last night and took him up on the offer.

I’m off for a night time skin tour of JHR’s cross country trails.