Comet Falls Tour – Mount Rainier

the washington backcountry is a train wreck. nasty conditions up at mount rainier on sunday kept our group of mountaineer’s ski leaders from our goal of skiing van trump park. it was a good exploration ski tour however. i got to practice some great survival skiing on 45 degree, pocked, icy slopes while the rest of the crew took their skis off and walked down.. well except for chloe. she rips. the area is beautiful and comet falls was pretty sweet. we had to cross a handful of steep avy slopes however, making this a no go with any real avy conditions.

(see if you can pick out the photos taken with the iPhone and those taken by the pro – mike warren)

we crossed some avy slopes

mike skinning up some steep slopes

through the woods, icy and dirty (how i like my women)

sweet bridge crossing

at least the sun was out