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Personal Coaching

"First and foremost, having you as a coach has changed me." - Kim A. 

Who Matt Coaches
Runners, Cyclists, Adventure Racers, Triathletes, and Ski Mountaineers of all ability levels. He's helped novice runners reach the finishline of their first 5k and ultrarunners set 100 mile course records. He's helped triathletes though their first sprint, and ironman athletes to their 10th finish. Anyone and everyone can benefit from a coach. The structured training allows people with busy lives to get the most out of the time they do have to train.

Benefits of a coach include
Objective assessment of your strengths and weaknesses
Set and achieve realistic goals
Remove the doubt from your training
Help motivate you and get you out there
Decrease chance of injury, overtraining and underperformance
Learn systematic training principles
Reach your personal potential as an athlete
Help you manage all the variables that go into a successful year of training and racing

How It Works
Matt now offers full service online training. This way you can be located anywhere in the world and receive the benefits of a seasoned coach. We are all unique individuals, what works for one athlete might not work for another. If you are serious about your training and making performance, fitness and overall health improvements then Matt's coaching services are for you! As a competitive ultrarunner, mountain biker and adventure racer Matt has a breadth of experience to pull from. Plus he has an insatiable need and desire to learn about all aspects of living a whole healthy life. That means the training plan has to work for you and you unique schedule. For this Matt works closely with you and your weekly schedule to make sure you the most out of each session, everyone's time is precious.

Matt's coaching services are $230/month (4 weeks of training).

Hourly Training
Need to work on specific skills? Want to pick Matt's brain on a certain topic?  Matt is available for sport specific training sessions. $70/hr  

Coaching Endurance LLC

Matt (at) CoachingEndurance (dot) com