The Haps.. in Photos

i rode to the darby canyon for my run

annabella = cute

the batchen’s riding home from victor

trevor, me and z finishing up our wed night group run at targhee

me and gabby (and her milkie)

1/2 Way There Yet?

we are at the exact 1/2 way point of the year. have you been working towards you goals? or are you making excuses?

as i think about my goals it’s obvious that i haven’t written down anything specific enough. the overarching goal has been to get faster at ultra distance running . it’s a tricky process, but i feel like i absolutely have improved as an ultrarunner. if i have to pick one goal right now i’d have to say it’s to win a 100 mile ultramarathon. with that i look at what i have planned. although it’s great training for the one 100 miler i have scheduled – the grindstone 100 oct 3rd.. it certainly seems like a lot of eggs in one basket. especially with krissy moehl threatening to chick me (and countless other david horton disciples as well).

anyway, today take stock in how far you have come. take a deep breath and refocus for the second half.. it’s going to be an amazing ride!

Voted Off The Island

yep – i’m done. it appears that my passion and my priorities don’t align with what backroads is looking for in a trip leader. their would be no way for me to train and race while working for this company. the job is a 16hr a day all encompassing position. you have to live this job. as i said to meisner today “if i’m working 16hr days it’s going to be on trail”. it was an interesting experience and one i do not regret.

one door closes another one opens.

i’m actually pretty excited about scratching an old itch being free to travel the country racing and training. there are so many possiblilties going through my head right now; 100 milers, appalachian trail with meltzer, training in the colorado mountains, living a simple ultra life… bring it.

You… want to interview me?

i was contacted by they guys over at the team pr for an interview. yes, i’m as suprised as you are with the list of top athletes they have lined up. they even put together this montage of images…basically you log on to the chat room and you can interactively ask questions and be a part of the interview. it should be interesting.
Chat with Matt Hart on Thursday, December 27th at 8:00 PM EST

check out the online chat here.

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