Capitol Forest Mega Fat Ass 35 Miler

the early part of the week i had a lot of trouble getting my quality sessions done. i was tired. so i didn’t press it and just did what i could. i knew i’d have to recover to tackle the capitol forest mega fat ass ultra.

so today justin angle, bill huggins and i headed down to olympia for this “fat ass run”. a “fat ass” run is best described as a “less serious” race. the crazy ultrarunners use them through the winter to stay fit and not feel like we have to be “on”. i’ve seen them described as “no fees, no awards, no aid, no wimps”. however this fat ass is dangerously close to becoming a real race. there was aid (although i never stopped to use it) and there was a $3 fee (a donation to the friends of capitol forest who maintain the area) and there were wimps! out of 130 runners, just 15 of us finished the whole course! with all that this certainly felt like a real race!

although rainy and muddy and a bit cold (it was haling at times) the run was awesome. there were two options, you could run one figure 8 for 17.7 miles or two of them for the full monty of 34.4 miles. this of course meant there was a group of runners charging off the start. i hung with justin for a bit behind the lead group. then he decided to bridge the gap and i said “goodbye” in my mind. i finished the first figure 8 with bill in 2:35 and only lost my shoe twice in the mud. i was in third place for 34 milers at that point and just 5 min behind justin in 1st. i was feeling pretty good, better and stronger than i thought i would.

as i started out on the second figure 8 i saw 2nd place quickly, but he blasted off like a scared deer after laying eyes on me. i stayed with my game plan of above 150bpm and below my anaerobic threshold (AeT) of 155. this ended up working pretty well as i caught and passed him about 30 min later. he was suffering pretty bad. i offered some gel then realized i didn’t have any left. but we were close to the aid station at that point so he was fine. i was now just 2 min behind justin in 1st, although i had no idea at the time. the second half of the figure 8 was snowy, which made it tough and slow going. but really fun to run a bit harder than normal for a bit longer than normal and see what happens.

i had some pretty bad hip and groin pain on my right side. of course “you blew the mesh!” thoughts were going through my head. i’m going to make an appointment with the dr this week.

justin won in 5:17, i took 2nd at 5:23… results here.

my gear:
shoes: montrail odyssey
socks: teko ecopoly
pants: mountain hardware transition tights (awesome bomber winter running tights.. and sexy too)
jacket: my pick for ultrarunners gear of the year – patagonia 9 trails jacket