Canadians Kicked My Ass!


well i’m back from british columbia and i can’t seem to shake the cold shiver or the perma-grin i got while there. i also can’t shake this feeling that i am truly lucky. although i don’t have that million dollar house in the burbs i would have had if i stayed at microsoft… honestly i don’t care.

as you could probably tell from my last two posts, i had an amazing time. seegs, her husband ty and norm were the most gracious hosts you could imagine. i got the full monty tour of what squamish was about.. and it still wasn’t enough time.

my canadian adventure tour guides – seegs and norm

after the epic tour on sunday norm and i hit up the diamond head area again for a quick morning ski tour. we skinned up past red heather hut and to the high point on paul ridge. the clouds seemed to follow us up to top arriving at the same time we did. the ski down was great snow and just enough turns to wet the whistle and wish there were more before the freezing skiercross down. the rest of the day i caught up on work online and just chilled. the canadians were wearing me down.

norm skinning up to paul ridge

today before heading home to seattle ty hooked me up with a free ski pass and some salomon sand storm 182s… oh my goodness. these skis were sweet. super stable at high speeds, rolled over way better than i thought a ski could with 99mm under foot. they were 135, 99, 125. i would have guessed this would be just too much fatness.. but it seems there is never too much fatness. i was blasting groomers on em to keep up with ty, we skied the shit out of the trees, lauched some pillow drops and found some powder. the skis were great in all conditions and i think they’d be a heavy but super fun backcountry ski. one thing is sure, my skis in comparison are totally obsolete and camberless… dead. you know it’s a good ski when it makes you think you are actually skiing better than you should be. ty is an ex freeskiing coach at whistler… so let’s just say he knows this ski resort. he took me to a hand full of the secret stashes. so much fun. one was a creek bed and waterfall with massive boulders in it. this made for pillowy 5 foot puff drops into perfect soft snow that no one had touched. we skied this twice. the second time we skied a pretty sweet and crazy line ty had been to with some film crew. i skied it pretty well… ty shredded it.

all this has me wanting to get some new skis. my rossi bc scratches have been good. but they are now 4 years old, dead and simply not phat enough at this point. i’ve been eyeing the black diamond verdicts. since my 05/06 winter in jackson hole. this years version is 4mm wider. however the sand storms did leave a great impression.

the day at whistler really rounded my trip off ~ 5 amazing days in british columbia. truly more than one man deserves, i feel blessed.

i missed getting to hang out with nuun ultrarunner bruce grant and helly hansen adv racer gary robbins however.. next time fellas!

two things are for certain ~ the canadians kicked my ass and lit a fire under it as well to get out and ski the backcountry more this season (now if the avy danger will come down below HIGH i’d be all set).