Back In Business

I got some good news yesterday. My Doctor said that a couple of MRIs isn’t necessary, that my knees are just achey cause I beat the hell out of them… and they simply need rest. Ah, sweet relief.

This weekend I traveled to Hood River, Oregon for my buddy’s birthday. RVG‘s (Ryan VanGorder) big 30 celebration was a blast… mexican food and pie attacks (courtesy of Fleming). I rode Post Canyon saturday on my new Jamis xlt 3.0 – this bike rocks.. so plush, unreal. Sunday Seegs, Ty, RVG, JVG, Lee and I hit the whooptie-doo trail. After the crew parted RVG and I rode Hosptial Hill/White Salmon – the views were amazing.! Hood River is a pretty sweet place – a place I will have to return soon, I just can’t get enough silky singletrack.

Overall I was very happy with the way I felt. No real knee pain, and my cardio was acceptable. I have 9 days until USARA Adventure Race National Championship in Florida. Judging by the way I feel now I think I’ll be ready to race hard. How cool would it be to win the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.!? -Very.