Back from Chasing the Goat

i just got back late last night from a visit to salt lake city. i flew in on tuesday morning. the wasatch speedgoat, karl meltzer and his awesome wife cheryl were cool enough to let me stay with them. after some catching up, karl and i hit the office to discuss karl’s appalachian assault and my role in that. talking about it i found myself awash with these intense feelings of anticipation ~ this is going to be soo cool! what an epic to be a part of. karl was fresh off a 47 mile day in zion, and he seemed as fresh as a daisy. the appalachian trail record is going down my friends, down.

karl lives at the foot of some amazing mtns, and even though the snow level is low for this time of year we had plenty of trail to scratch our hooves on! with my hip issues looming i wasn’t sure how it would feel. well the last 4 miles hurt like hell. i made the call after this run to remove the extra insole. by my math my hip had gotten noticeably worse since using the extra lift.

thanks so much karl and cheryl for your hospitality!.. you guys are awesome and i’m soo looking forward to our adventure on the appalachian trail in august.

day two i took my extra insole out and enjoyed the later part of the run much more than the previous day. the lift had slowly caused massive amounts of pain in my glute. we did about 13 miles with some 3,300 ft of gain near the university… and threw a quick nuun photo shoot in there too.. sweet stuff.