Anno Domini Larry Bird

Anno Domini Larry Bird 52 i turned 33. this happened on march 5, while i was in steamboat. i’m now an old man. however i find comfort in the fact that larry played a young man’s fast twitch sport until he was 35 and had a great season at age 33 (check out the career stats). as the under powered little white guy i can relate with larry bird. he was physiologically at a distinct disadvantage. he wasn’t blessed with the physical abilities it takes to dominate his chosen sport. but he personified hard work and dedication… and in turn all that you can accomplish wielding those tools. my disadvantages are many; 80% lung capacity of a ‘normal’ male my age, asthma, very average VO2Max, 25% less meniscus in my right knee. we all have them (except jurek), but either you let them fuel you or you let them take you down.

i ran with a fella in arkansas who would at times would get into a funk mentally. asking “why am i out here? why do i do this to myself? i could be somewhere else.” it struck me as strange because honestly these thoughts never cross my mind. so few people will ever find something they are passionate about. most just go through life not knowing what it’s like to give 100% of yourself to something.. and that is sad.

i leave you with a larry bird highlight real and i suggest you find a way to make your own.

turn the volume off if you dislike swear words or rap