An Altitude Run Up the Highest Point In Utah – Kings Peak 13,528 feet

a few weeks ago mandy and i got to talking about running at altitude. the conversation then naturally moved to the highest peak in utah.. kings peak at 13,528ft is the 7th highest of the us state highpoints. so when i arrived friday mandy had a plan for us to run the 30.1 miles round trip to the top and back. it was incredible.

rather than a blow by blow i’ll give you a list of interesting tidbits:
  • there is nothing i enjoy more than an 8hr run with my girl and the terrignar.. seriously.
  • we started at henry’s fork trailhead (9,430ft) and ran 15 miles to the summit 13,528ft (our run time was 4hrs 18mins).. then back.
  • from 12,000ft on it felt like i was dragging a prius with someone sitting on my chest
  • i got poo on my hand (adventure running it’s always pretty)
  • i drank straight from a stream at 12,000ft without treating the water (i’m becoming more bold these days with all the talk of iodine actually having no effect on giardia)
  • we used nuun to nutralize the taste of iodine treated water (i did treat a bottle’s worth lower down)
  • mandy, jack russell terrignar eddie and i completely underestimated the effects of running at this altitude and were goofy stupid at the top. i actually think eddie might have had doggie altitude sickness. however once below 12,000ft he quickly returned to normal.
  • my montrail hardrocks once again saved my feet. great protection for this very rocky run. mandy wears the montrail masochists
  • mandy took so many great photos it was really hard to figure out which to post..

…and now a dog drinking nuun