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About Matt

"Seeing my clients achieve their goals is one of the best feelings there is."  - Matt Hart

Originally from the East Coast, Matt Hart made the move to Seattle in 1998 to work for Microsoft Corp.  After seven years as a software test engineer, coaching, ultra distance racing and training had slowly taken over his life.  In December of 2005 Matt left his desk job to pursue a career in coaching and athletics. 


  • Certified USA Cycling Coach
  • Coach for DreamChaser's Running Camps
  • Certified Lemond Cycling Instructor
  • Member of the Montrail National Ultrarunning Team (see Matt's Montrail Profile)
  • Member of the top adventure racing team on the West Coast – DART-nuun
  • 12 years experience in endurance sports training (racing for 10)
  • Personal Trainer at American Athlete Gym
  • Top finishes in Endurance Cycling events, Adventure Races, Ultra-Marathons and Ski Mountaineering events
  • Coach for Team Sole’s E-Camps
  • Cycling instructor at American Athlete Gym on Greenlake
  • Fitness adviser for Fifth River Poekoelan Martial Arts School

    See Matt's Full Race Resume

  • Coaching Endurance LLC

    Matt (at) CoachingEndurance (dot) com