A Cry For Help

i have an inflamed neuroma in my foot. by buddy sean clancy has had 3 of them treated and perminentaly fixed with alcohol injection. i’ve done a bit of research and found that many people feel this is the way to go (good forum discussion). six injections, one every other week and it was gone.

i’ll be in seattle sept 10-18th. i’ve called the UW and numerous other podiatrists to try and sneak in. none of them will even speak with me on the phone to tell me if they do this type of alcohol injection treatment. and none of them have time to fit me in until well let’s see… around christmas! it’s like a nightmare.

does anyone have any suggestions? i’m scheduled to see dr petron in slc on the 19th when i get back here. with the grinstone 100 on oct 3rd it’s not looking like i’ll be racing at this point.