281 Miles of Appalachian Trail With Karl Meltzer

AT through Maine – 281 Miles
“The northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail is Katahdin, 5,267 ft. high, in Baxter State Park in central Maine. The Trail continues southwest to Monson, eventually crossing the Kennebec River, at about the Maine halfway point. Many mountains later, and after passing through the famed Mahoosuc and Grafton notches, the Trail enters New Hampshire.”

“Most of the Appalachian Trail in Maine is not recommended for novice hikers; Maine’s 281 miles are generally considered the most difficult of all fourteen states. Even the strongest hikers may average only one mile an hour in some parts. Other parts require grabbing onto tree roots and limbs to climb or descend, and are especially slippery and hazardous in wet weather.” (link)

i’m in new hampshire now. i ran the teton circ twice in three days, went to sleep got up at 6am and traveled for over 36hrs until i came to a stop in freedom, nh at my mother’s house. my ankles and lower legs were swollen beyond belief. lots of naps but no real sleep during the basically two days of travel has me feeling pretty gross.

new hampshire is a nice, quite, peaceful place. i love coming back here.

today i’m going to kayak, swim a bit and hang out at the beach on ossipee lake with my mom, sister and two nephews. recovery with small bits of multimuscle workouts is in order for the next few days. i meet karl on sunday aug 3rd in manchester new hampshire. we’ll pack the backcountry.com rv and then head up to maine the following day. we start his appalachian assault on august 5th at the top of mount katahdin. i can not wait to get running – this, my friends is going to be an epic adventure.

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