2008 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run

ok, it’s done. after a month of waffling (it costs $310!) i decided i’d sign up for both western states 100 (the oldest and most prestigous 100 miler) and the hardrock 100 (the hardest 100 miler) and let fate decide which one i run in 2008. there are so many entrants into both of these races that they have lottery systems in place to randomly select who gets to race. this is the case for most of the major 100 milers in the u.s.a. – kind of amazing how many crazy folks wanna run 100 trail miles. the lottery for western states is december 1st, mark your calendars. if i don’t get into western states i will apply for hardrock.

my training will be vastly different this year depending on which one i get in to (if any)… either way i’m excited about 2008! the hardrock 100 as a race really speaks to me. it starts in silverton, co at 10,000 feet elevation and over the course of 100 miles it climbs 32,000 feet – it is rediculous, and i like that.

i want one of these!