100,000 feet of Vert – Day 7

Evan on the ridge this morning

Day 7 – 12,358 feet of vertical gain
Backcountry Vert 12,358 feet
InBounds Vert 0 feet
Total Vert Climbed in seven days:  100,234 feet

i woke up today at 4:30am. i was worried i’d overslept. after 6 days i had just 12,134 vertical feet left to climb to accomplish my goal of 100,000 feet in one week. the thought of screwing that up by oversleeping gave me some anxiety.

my backcountry ski buddies sort of rallied behind me for this project. today i had the pleassure of evan’s company.  he skied a solid 12,000 foot day as well, his biggest ever.  he and chad had talked about the route and the conditions so i didn’t have to worry about them. you guys are awesome…. thank you chad, andy and evan.  you made this a whole lot more fun. we skied various 1,500 foot shots to the ridge in mineral fork. the skiing was fantastic too, which makes the vert a bit easier on the mind and body.

as with each and every day of this adventure, today was no gimme.  it was hard.  every day was hard. i am human but i do have one super power and i used it this week. will power.  here is how the days broke down:

Day 1:  16,334 feet
Day 2:  17,135 feet
Day 3:  11,637 feet
Day 4:  14,169 feet
Day 5:  14,393 feet
Day 6:  14,208 feet
Day 7:  12,358 feet

needless to say i’m happy to be finished.  thank you all for the virtual cheering on twitter, facebook and txt messages.  that really helped.

i used the iphone to video a couple seconds of the last bit of vert. it’s terrible and i look pretty damn haggard. but it’s real… enjoy.