100 Mile Week Teton Style

i often get asked about my training. i have even been told i should blog every day on exactly what i do. i think that is taking it a little bit far, but here is a big week (for me).

last minute i jumped into the devil’s backbone 50 miler in bozeman on july 12th. it sounds pretty bad ass, no trail markings, 1 aid station at mile 25, etc. so after dreamchasers ultra camp, which was a 90 mile week for me, i then had two weeks until race day. i took this past monday off and was pretty excited to put together another big week of real trail miles so i could continue my progress. this would also leave me one week for a quick taper before the race. a one week taper for a “b/c” race is plenty.

Completely off, massage

11:30am – 21min easy mtn bike ride to park for real workout
11:45am – 19min Full Metal Jacked workout with jay. the first set of this workout had jay and i almost throwing up. great stuff.
6pm – 4 miles total running at lisa’s free group track workout in jackson = 4x 400s

11:45am – 15 mile long run/crampon trek to buck mtn, 7,000ft to 10,600 foot pass. did some recon for a run around the tetons. 15 miles in 4:36 = “15 the hard way”, tough work with all the snow.
6pm – 3 miles easy lisa’s free weekly trail run at grand targhee – i did the shortest option available because my trek worked me over a bit. 3 nice singletrack miles.
10:30pm – ran through some yoga poses before bed.

2:30pm – 17 miler w/3,700ft of gain at moderate effort in the heat of the day up moose creek to mosse lake.
10:30pm – yoga and foam roller before bed

7:15am – easy 17 w/some pickups, started with jay on the road and split off to run the aspen trail then finished his road loop.
11:45am – suuuper easy 1hr road ride to try and catch the batchens at the victor 4th of july parade.
10:30pm – yoga and foam roller before bed

8:30am – 20 tough miles with 5,900ft of gain on the big hole crest trail with jay and chris (2:30 marathoner). we were scouting for a possible 50km and got a good 2hrs of buschwhacking and some added climbing. we had planned to run it out and back, but by the end we had all been running without water for over 2hrs.
5pm – 13 miles w/1,400ft of gain at grand targhee (8,000ft).

11:40am – 13 easy. this was a hard workout for me. i wanted an easy 10 miles and i got more than i bargained for… but the real reason was that the fatigue had set in from my mileage all week and the 33 miles yesterday. ugh.

run totals: 103 miles with 18,232 feet of gain

i now feel very tired but very happy to have no real issues. no aches, no pains, no injuries (well other than my morton’s nueroma i’ve been managing). now i get a week to taper, doing shorter faster running and lots of cross training (just to stay sane). the idea is to let the body absorb the hard work already put in. hopefully i can sit still with the amazing mtns right out the front door. it won’t be easy!